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Gift-Wrap & More
100% recycled gift-wrap, recycled and reusable gift bags, recycled gift cards and tags.
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Organic baking mixes, fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate.
Home & School
Eco-friendly household cleaners, light bulbs, personal items, school supplies, and lunchroom items.
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Reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and everyday reusable items.
Gifts & More
Soy candles, books and other great gift ideas for any occasion. It will feel as good to give these eco-friendly gifts as it will be to receive them.

About Green Fundraising
Raise Money and Create Awareness
How to Get Started with Your Green Fundraiser
Green Fundraising Products
Green Business Practices

About Green Fundraising

Green Fundraising with Mother Earth is a great way for organizations to 'Raise Money Responsibly' by selling eco-friendly products that fall under the following categories:

•    Organic 
•    Fair-Trade
•    Recycled
•    Recyclable 
•    Reusable
•    Educational
•    Non-Toxic 

Raise Money and Create Awareness

Green Fundraising with Mother Earth appeals to schools and non-profits because it accomplishes two key goals: 

1)    Groups can raise much-needed capital in a very convenient manner by selling eco-friendly products.  
2)    The program fosters awareness among your community and encourages more responsible consumer habits.   

By registering for our Green Fundraiser, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to the environment by 'Raising Money Responsibly.'  

How to Get Started with Your Green Fundraiser

1)    Register for Mother Earth's Green Fundraising website. It costs nothing and takes only 30 seconds.  
2)    You will receive approval within one business day, and your group's name will appear as a beneficiary on our website.   
3)    Utilize our e-marketing materials to inform your community about our Green Fundraising program.  
4)    Supporters shop on our site and credit your group.  We ship directly to them via UPS/USPS.
5)    Groups can also choose to add our optional 8-page 75-item catalog. 

Green Fundraising Products

Mother Earth Fundraising carries a host of eco-friendly products for your Green Fundraiser, such as:

•    Recycled Gift Wrap
Organic Baking Mixes
•    Fair-Trade Coffee
Organic Soaps & Lotions
Green Cleaning Products
Reusable Bags
Soy Candles
Educational Products
And more…

Green Business Practices

Mother Earth Fundraising operates in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy surrounding the use of the products that we promote. We strive to create an eco-friendly business model that is both sustainable and responsible for the consumer and environment.  Highlights include:  

•    We give groups a web-only option if they choose not to print catalogs and order forms. 
•    We pack all orders with recycled boxes and eco-friendly materials. 

Read more about Mother Earth's Green Fundraising program in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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