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For the Fundraising Chair / Group Administrator
How much profit does my group earn?
As the Fundraising Chair, how much work will I need to do?
How much money can my group earn?
How can I register my group?
How and when is our school/group paid?
How can I check my group's current/past period profit and manage my Chairperson Account?
Will my 'Customer' login work for my 'Fundraising Chair / Group Administrator' login and vice versa?
How do I transfer my Fundraising Chair duties to someone else in my school/group?
How can I check on order details for members of my group?
How do I market the Mother Earth Fundraising program to my group?
Is there a way for customers to 'credit' specific students/members for their purchases?
Can I conduct a fundraiser at any time of the year?
How do students/members register and send e-mails to out-of-town friends and family?
How do Sellers know if any online orders have been placed on their behalf?
Are there marketing materials available on the website?
For the Customer
Who pays for the shipping?
Am I charged sales tax?
How long does it take my order to arrive?
How do I process a return/exchange? What if my order is missing/damaged?
Do I need to create an account to place an order?
How can I be sure that my personal information is private?
How can I view my order history and/or manage my customer account?
Can I change the school/group that I've chosen as a beneficiary?
How do I 'credit' a specific student/member for my purchase?
How much money goes to the group?
Will my order be sent to me or to the group
Can I send my order as a gift?
Do you ship to anywhere other than the contiguous United States?
Do you ship to post office boxes, military bases or rural routes?
If I register as a customer or opt to be included on your mailing list, how much e-mail can I expect to receive?
Is it safe to provide credit card information on your site?
About Our Products
Where do your products come from?
How do I suggest a new product idea to Mother Earth Fundraising?
For the Seller
How do I register as a Seller?
How do I check to see who has ordered/purchased to support me?
Are there any marketing materials available on the web site?

Having trouble viewing our FAQ? Click here »
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